You do not have to be a GP member to take our fitness classes and no pre-registration is required.

Classes are for ages 14 and up

14 & 15-year-olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18+

who is also taking the class.  

All classes include a devotional.

Single classes are just $3 for members / $5 for non-members. Please Pay at the front desk.

Interested in purchasing a membership? Or even just one fitness class pass?

Click here and then create an account to purchase your membership or single class pass online.

Monday |9:10am & 5:40pm

Wednesday |9:10am

Monday |5:30am & 8pm

Wednesday | 5:30am & 7pm

Thursday | 5:40pm

Friday | 5:30am

Saturday | 7am & 10am

Tuesday | 6:50pm

Wednesday | 9:40am

Friday | 5:30am

Monday | 5:30am

Thursday |7:30pm

Saturday | 7am

Monday |6:15pm

Tuesday | 8am

Wednesday | 10:15am

Thursday | 9:45am & 6:50pm

Saturday | 9am

Tuesday | 10:20am

Tuesday | 9:10am

Thursday | 9:10am

Tuesday | 9:10am

Wednesday | 5:40pm

Wednesday | 10:50am

Currently not in session. Will be back mid March.

Monday | 10:15am & 7pm

Tuesday | 5:30am & 5:40pm

Thursday | 5:30 & 5:40pm

Friday | 10:15am

Saturday | 7:45am

Monday | 2pm

Wednesday | 2pm

Friday | 2pm

Wednesday | 5:30am

Friday | 9:10am


Click here to go to the class calendar web page 
(for a printed copy, stop by our front desk and grab one)
or download our app for the most up to date information!





Membership at The Gathering Place is a great way for older adults to stay fit!


We have two types of memberships for older adults:

1) Senior Annual Membership:  $50 per year (for those over 65)

2) SilverSneakers® by Tivity Health Membership: No cost to you if your insurance includes SilverSneakers® as a benefit. 

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